Fundraising 101

Learn what it takes to raise money for your business

About this course

Learn what it takes to raise money for your business

The renowned Uhubs fundraising course is back in Summer 2020 to take you into the trenches with Angel investors, Venture Capitalists and business owners that have raised >£10 million.

Details for the Fundraising course will be announced soon.

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Course Outcomes

Week 1:
Gain an understanding of the growth strategies and tactics used by the world's leading growth teams
- Learn how to apply Pirate metrics to understand your sales funnel
- Understand the different Marketing channels that feed your top of funnel
- How to leverage the power of SEO for you business

Week 2:

Gain expertise in cutting-edge research, psychology, copywriting & CRO techniques
- Understand research techniques to identify who  your customer is
- Learn Copywriting and Psychology techniques to capture more leads
- Learn how to optimise your sales funnel

Week 3:

Master the end-to-end experimentation process, from ideation, design, analysis & implementation of tools
- Learn how to run an experimentation sprint
- Understand how to measure success using metrics
- Understand which tools to use along the way

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Deepen your skillset alongside a supportive network of fellow change makers.

This Uhubs course is delivered by some of the worlds top Experts in Growth Marketing

Patrick M. Powers

Entrepreneur, Trainer & Author

Kosta Kolev

Startup Operator & Product Growth

Hasan Kubba

Entrepreneur, Growth Marketing Expert & Author