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Ashna Patel

Leader | Coach | CS Leader | Consultant

Ashna Patel, a luminary in the realm of Customer Success and professional development, radiates as an EQ-centric and data-driven leader with a remarkable trajectory spanning over 8 years. Her legacy is deeply rooted in propelling business growth beyond expectations and effortlessly surpassing revenue targets. At the helm of high-performing teams, she adeptly implements scalable solutions, infuses a customer-centric ethos through astute data analysis, and curates an environment that thrives on positive relationships.

Ashna's trailblazing path is studded with accolades for her exceptional aptitude in empowering teams to reach peak performance and fostering an atmosphere of excellence. Her mastery in mentoring, coaching, and training is showcased through the undeniable success of those she guides. A visionary founder, initiator, and community builder, Ashna Patel's impact extends beyond her professional endeavors. She passionately leads and supports Customer Success professionals in their career journeys while playing a pivotal role in the growth and amplification of SaaS businesses.