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Cecilia Makinde

Transformation & Embodiment Coach. Founder

Cecilia is a mindset coach committed to building a community of change makers who aspire to create a legacy. She coaches women to lead with purpose, clarity and confidence to ensure they execute on their vision and make a tangible difference in their professional and personal lives.

As a qualified mindset, executive and body-mind coach, Cecilia helps women achieve their goals, work through what holds them back, and identify solutions to help them move forward.

She supports her clients through their top priorities which range from focus, direction and building momentum, to overwhelm; and overcoming the limiting beliefs that lead to fear, impostor syndrome and more.

Cecilia works with heart-centered, ambitious female entrepreneurs and career professionals alike, who are driven by making a real difference through their work, whilst staying true to who they are and honoring their wellbeing. She does this through coaching services, educational resources and her brand, Bold Woman Bold You.

Expert has studied at University of Leicester, Cambridge Marketing College