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Dave Holloway

Founder, Author, Business Development Expert, Brand Architect

Throughout my time running a business, cold outreach was my biggest headache. Everything I tried was either too miserable, too expensive or too ineffective to justify my time.

In the hunt to find a solution, I developed a method now honed and documented in my award-winning and best-selling book, Wonder Leads. An approach built on positivity and proved to be nearly twenty times more effective than cold calling.

My goal is to help businesses build meaningful connections with the people who matter to them; if we could all do that, who knows what incredible things we might accomplish.

Since 2007, I have run the multi-award winning strategic branding agency, BML Creative. During that time I have worked with global B2B companies including Linde plc, Kantar and Croda plc, as well as leading institutions such as the NHS, The Royal British Legion and The University of London.