Halima Salim

Social Media Trainer & Founder

Halima Salim is a leading social media trainer, having organically built her own following of over 25,000 dedicated and engaged subscribers for her online English course in just two years. Covering more than 20 countries, her online business has earned industry recognition, including Halima's recent invitation to take part in YouTube’s EduCon for selected educational video creators.

Through extensive experimentation and testing, Halima has learned the most effective techniques for attracting new customers and strengthening relationships with existing ones through social media. She draws on this expertise to show entrepreneurs how to achieve the same results.

Halima started life in Somalia, moving to the UK as a refugee at the age of nine with no prior schooling. Unable to read or write, she beat the odds to become the first in her family to graduate from university and received a degree in computer science. She went on to teach English for 10 years before starting her online business. She is now dedicated to empowering other entrepreneurs with the tools they need to build successful businesses, harnessing the power of social media.


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