Hema Bakhshi

Strategic Advisor & Business Consultant

As companies and entire industries face disruption, the ability to generate new value and rethink the way we do things is key to both, survival and growth.

Hema is an expert and key-note speaker, in business disruption, innovation and culture transformation. She has extensive leadership experience in delivering change in some of the trickiest environments, disrupting from inside out. She set up the Future of Work capability at Santander, and has worked with various global multinational companies, as well as start-up and scale-up businesses, cross industry, to revolutionise how things are done. As a result, she holds unique insight on the challenges when it comes to innovation and the approaches needed to overcome them.

Today she works with Founders and CEO’s, to push through innovation, by framing the problems they are solving, highlighting value they are creating, and spotting the opportunities to drive impactful change. An ability to effectively bridge the gap between the c-suite and start up's in a practical way. Additionally, she sits on the advisory boards of a Future of Work and AI start-up, providing strategic support to help them connect with their enterprise customer, and grow.


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