Jenifer Clausell Tormos, PhD

Founder & CEO, AI enthusiast & Speaker

I am a research scientist with an entrepreneurial spirit. I hold a PhD in Biochemistry and Technology Development from the University of Strasbourg in France. I pursued my career as scientific researcher in four different countries and held positions at both universities and industry. My research focus has been, first, on drug discovery for biomedical applications, and after 10 years, my drive for gender balance and diversity has expanded my research interest to cognitive gender and stylistics.

I focus on innovative approaches based on AI technology to bring (gender) diversity to the workplace. Diversity is the key for every organization becoming sustainable and successful, but bias is the bottleneck that still needs to be addressed. This is the reason Develop Diverse was founded.

I give talks and workshops both inspirational and scientific-based about the unconscious bias present at the workplace, which is within recruitment, CV selection, interviewing and promotions. We have both self-bias and bias towards the people that surround us, and understanding its origin and where it is, it's the first step towards eliminating it.


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