Juliana Camargo

Social Selling Strategist – LinkedIn Specialist

Throughout her ten years; sales experience - seven of which was​ for a toplead generation company in London​ - Juliana has hosted over 170 B2B speed-dating events and successfully helped hundreds of B2B businesses connect with new and potential customers.

Juliana has a network of over 3000 decision-makers at leading corporate in the UK and Europe – over 2000 with whom Juliana has personally met to discuss business challenges and how they how they wish to be approached by suppliers.

She believes that sales has drastically evolved. She has transitioned from the usual sales approach and has developed new techniques to engage with prospects, creating meaningful connections and unlocking real sales opportunities for clients.

Juliana has been living in the UK for 10 years and is excited to be working with B2B companies in Latin America and to help them transform their business through social selling on LinkedIn.

In her years of experience Juliana has worked for different companies such as at the Bakery and Ingenuity and she created the 5-Step LinkedIn Programme offering LinkedIn training and strategy for sales and marketing teams and one-to-one sessions with Founders.


6 full weeks
First 15 members per cohort
Applications close May 15th

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