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Julie Holmes

Keynote Speaker, Tech Founder, AI & Innovation Expert

Julie Holmes is a serial inventor, tech developer, andstrategic innovator with a keen understanding of therapidly evolving technology landscape - especiallywhen it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI). As adynamic innovator, entrepreneur, and popularkeynote speaker, she brings over two decades ofleadership experience in enterprise technology tothe microphone with the goal of helping businessesinnovate and differentiate.With AI and other new technologies transforming thebusiness landscape at a breakneck pace, Julie’sexpertise and down-to-earth approach are highlysought by brands such as Oracle, PeopleSoft,Expedia, and American Express. She’s quick to helpleaders and teams decipher the constant stream ofnew tech and map out what they need to do notjust to survive but thrive in the next normal.Whether coaching leaders to build tech-readyteams or showing sales professionals how to "tech itup a level" so they can close more deals, Juliedemystifies the world of innovation and technology,making it engaging, practical, and valuable.Of course, Julie doesn’t just talk about innovationand technology; she delivers it. As a 7-figure founderof two innovation companies, Julie has designedand delivered tech products that are helpingbusinesses grow their brands in over 60 countriesand counting.In short, Julie Holmes is your expert guide forspotting innovation opportunities in this tech-dominated era and navigating the complexlandscape of AI and beyond.