Matthew Black

International Speaker. Entrepreneur turned Change Maker

About this expert

Matt Black, a Serial Entrepreneur, Feminist, Author, and an expert on early-stage start-ups. Matt has mentored thousands of start-ups over his 30-year career. He loves sharing stories & wisdom he has gleaned from both his upbringing in the untamed outback of Australia, as well as life in Silicon Valley & UK's own Silicone Roundabout. He is passionate about innovation, the start-up subculture & misfit founders who are breaking all the rules while creating a new vision of the future.

His core message is around Innovation - crucial to the continuing success of any company - no matter how well your company is doing, “if you standing still in business you will fall behind, and fast”. His current work, as a public speaker and corporate trainer, is to provide insight into how entrepreneurs disrupt sectors, societies, and economies through innovation. As well as practical steps on how corporations can keep their edge by cultivating Entrepreneurial Thinking across their organisations in a pragmatic and effective way.

Expert has studied at Central Institute of Technology.

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