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Mica Vaipan

Stress & Wellbeing Coach, Entrepreneur

Mica is a trained stress & well-being coach with a diverse background in tech and food startups as well as investment banking. More recently, she has founded a new | baseline – a coaching and e-learning program designed to help people surface and cultivate their inner resilience and capacity to harness stress.

She knows first hand what it feels like to feel overwhelmed and unable to reconcile your goals in life with the stress they create. But her own experience taught her that there is another way – one that is freeing, inspiring and limitless.

Mica has an MA at the University of Cambridge and has worked for multiple companies such as Goldman Sachs, Graze, Tails and Bizzby. She is also a current investor at Monzo, Detox Kitchen and Pollen + Grace.

Expert has studied at University Of Cambridge.