Onyi Anyado

Global Leadership Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

Fondly referred to as Mr Distinction, Onyi is the founder of Onyi Anyado Media House & is a multiple award-winning Global Leadership Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Workshop Facilitator & Business Coach.

From his message of Cutting Edge Distinction, Onyi delivers workshops, talks & coaching sessions on educational, business & corporate platforms around the world training & coaching his audience how to locate, leverage & lead with their distinction.

Topics covered include creative thinking, cutting edge leadership & personal branding. All talks, coaching sessions & workshops are tailored to meet organisational & individual needs. The outcomes from Onyi's teaching are his clients & audience are equipped, educated & empowered on how to excel and lead with distinction in their chosen field.

Onyi's life story is simply called From Detention to Distinction.

An entrepreneur is a leader of excellence, trailblazer and pioneer who constantly brings change to their generation. ~ Onyi Anyado.

Branding is not just a product, it's also a way of life, an idea, branding is actually leadership. ~ Onyi Anyado.


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First 15 members per cohort
Applications close May 15th

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