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Phil Nayna

Coach for Revenue Leaders & Sales people

Phil Nayna, a seasoned Performance Coach, is at the forefront of transformative coaching with his flagship program, 'Inner Mastery.' This 6-month group coaching initiative targets sales leaders and their teams, delving into the psychology that hinders peak performance. With modules focusing on enhancing focus, building effective habits, cultivating emotional intelligence, and winning the inner game, Phil reshapes traditional sales training into impactful coaching.

In addition to 'Inner Mastery,' Phil empowers leaders with tools from professional coaching, maximizing their team's potential. His mission is to shift the paradigm, urging sales leaders to invest in coaching that yields tangible, personal, and professional growth for individuals.

Phil's workshops, including Sales Psychology, Building Unbreakable Focus, Emotional Intelligence, Habits, and Impactful Leadership, have left a mark on prominent brands such as Soho House, TikTok, Sales Confidence, Indeed, Edelman, Cicero (Havas Media), and Thurlestone Shipping.

As a Performance Coach, Phil is well-versed in various sales methodologies such as Challenger, MEDDIC, Spin, and Sandler. However, his real expertise is in uncovering the psychology that prevents reps from executing on the right things, and providing practical frameworks that make taking action easy.  

Phil is not only a respected coach but also an engaging speaker, hosting a monthly event at Soho House, and his dedication to reshaping the coaching landscape is evident in his impactful programs and diverse client portfolio.