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Sairam Sundaresan

Machine Learning Research Scientist, Writer, Photographer & Educator

Sairam is a machine learning scientist with over 12 years of experience in the tech industry. His work has been featured in Forbes magazine, powers phones you use, and has led to several publications and patents. But, above all this, he is an educator at heart. He has taught machine learning to many colleagues from different educational backgrounds throughout his career. He has even mentored space scientists to help them apply machine learning to answer questions about our cosmos. In all these interactions, he repeatedly saw the same questions pop up, the same sense of intimidation in their glazed eyes when their ML colleagues constantly threw new jargon at them. So, he started sharing his knowledge through a free weekly newsletter, Gradient Ascent, which demystifies AI even for non-technical folks. In his free time, he photograph nature, create doodles and is writing an illustrated book on AI.