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Tom Lavery | Matt Milligan | David Bernard

Key Speakers Joining the Live Event

Tom Lavery

CEO and Founder of Jiminny

Tom has over 15 years of experience in high-growth VC/PE-backed SaaS companies. Tom is currently the CEO and Founder of Jiminny, a Conversation Intelligence Platform that helps companies maximize their team's revenue. Prior to starting Jiminny, he was SVP at Reward Gateway and saw them through two PE-backed buyouts.

David Bernard

Co-founder AssessFirst

David Bernard predicts human behaviour. In 2002 David co-founded AssessFirst, only 30 days after obtaining his Master’s Diploma in Quantitative Psychology. He subsequently developed an innovative tool for assessing potential and behaviours in the workplace. In 2008 he fine-tuned the Meetic algorithm ( group) to match couples based on psychological and behavioural affinity. A year later, he created an online career counselling service that over 2,000,000 students have used. In 2012, he created the predictive algorithm that now enables AssessFirst to predict people’s ability to succeed and thrive in specific roles with 85% accuracy. To date, almost 15 million people in over 40 countries have benefited from the predictions and systems he has developed.

Matt Milligan

Uhubs Co-Founder

Matt Milligan is a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur, former golfer and lifelong learner. He started his professional career in consulting at EY where he founded the EY Startup Network aged 22. During a period of 3 years, Matt worked with over 250 founders and go-to-market teams to help them raise funding and scale their businesses.

He is a fellow at Kairos, a select community of the brightest young entrepreneurs on the planet focused on problems worth solving. He has also mentored a number of accelerator programs including Basecamp, Founders Institute and Startup Grind and his recent TedxTalk were on ‘How to discover your superpower and boost your career’.