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Will Mercer

Founder at Umaya Village. Lloyds Bank (Former)

Will is a Venture Partner at Zag, the investment arm of global creative agency BBH. Will's role is to find and invest in seed stage startups and help them grow. He has made 8 investments with Zag, which have already tripled in value in under 2 years. He also works with Zag's existing investment portfolio of 29 ventures to help them grow. During his tenure over 50% of the portfolio has raised additional funding, with 50% of those using investment materials created with Will's help. Outside of Zag Will advises early stage startups on their business strategy. He has helped over 25 founders raise their first investment round, develop their business strategy and negotiate difficult conversations with existing founders or investors.

Will has studied at the University of Reading. He has also worked at Future Public, Trampery and is the co-founder of Chateau de la Salle.