6 full weeks
First 15 members per cohort
Applications close May 15th

An Amazing 6 weeks awaits you

Join lifelong learning professionals and founders to discover and learn new skills from world experts. Get access to top mentors with one to one sessions.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Uhubs Session?

A Uhubs session is a 60 min Immersive & Live Interactive Master Class with an Industry Expert (or how we like to call them: one of the Doers!
The experts share their knowledge and valuable insights  via livestream, while attendees have the possibility to interact and ask questions along with like minded individuals  in one of our many campuses.
Here is a peek at how our sessions look like.

How is the in-room Uhubs experience?

At each session there  will be 10-14 people around a table with a host who will be facilitating your learning, while assisting the expert with the practical activities. 

In the beginning of the session we will have a short introduction of Uhubs, then we pass it on to the expert. After the learning process packed with knowledge, activities and Q&As, we have a short 15 minutes of networking where you can interact better with your fellow attendees and even our co-founders will pop by from time to time. 

Are the Uhubs sessions sequential or require continuous attendance?

In most cases Uhubs are stand alone sessions with unique topics.  The sessions have topics from different fields (marketing, fundraising, tech) and each session is unique. 

The aim of our sessions is to provide you with applicable insights and skills which you can implement immediately in your daily activity.
We believe that this allows you to cover more topics, while not having to waste months before you can use the knowledge you get.

You can view our sessions like reading a book per week for your personal or business development, only you do it in 60 minutes and you instantly get the best applicable tips from the book. You also get to ask questions to the author live. 

What does a Uhubs session cover?

Sessions are structured based on three learning outcomes per topic. The expert shares from his knowledge and experience and at each objective you have a case study or exercise to better implement what you have learned. There are Q&A breaks throughout the session and also networking possibilities before and after. 

Do I need to be an entrepreneur to be part of Uhubs?

We welcome anyone with the desire to learn and upskill themselves. So whether you are a recent graduate, start-up founder or employee, we are looking forward to seeing you at our next session.

What is a Uhubs membership?

A membership with Uhubs brings an array of benefits, from joining a select community to up-skilling and increasing your chances of career progression. Here are the top ways you could benefit from a monthly or yearly Uhubs membership.

How do I get a membership?

Go to the membership page and complete the membership form. After that our team will be in touch with you to get you through our  member onboarding process.

Do I have a trial period for the membership?

Sometimes we run prom’s where you can try a Uhubs session as a taster session.  

What do I get with my Uhubs membership?

As a Uhubs member you get Unlimited Access to all public Uhubs Sessions, community platform and session resources, plus:

  • Mentoring & coaching session with Ash & Matt (30 min slots)
  • Free WorkClub membership for 3 months, with access to all their work spaces & venues across London (14 locations) 
  • Discounts on food & drinks at WorkClub Venues
  • Early access to co-working places on the days that Uhubs Sessions are taking place (e.g Mindspace, Wework, Google Campus)
  • Ad - hoc special trials & offers to tools & platforms
  • VIP tickets to business and startup events when available
  • Discounts to Uhubs courses 

How many sessions are included in the membership?

If you are a member you get unlimited access to all our public sessions.  At the moment we hold one session per week at a London Microcampus but we are growing.  

What is a Uhubs course?

A course is similar to our sessions, but they are more in depth oriented as they last for 3 hours. They originate from themes that are covered in previous sessions so, if you previously attended a session on the same subject it would be a plus. 

All of the courses we are launching fall under one of the following categories: Fundraising, Marketing and Product.

If I decide Uhubs is not for me what is the cancelation policy?

As sorry as we may be to see you leave our upskilling community, we understand that sometimes there are other priorities to take care of, or you prefer a different learning path. 

If that is so, just email us at hello@uhubs.co.uk and we will take care of it for you. You will receive a confirmation email that your subscription has been cancelled.   

If I don’t attend any Uhubs sessions during my membership, do I get my money back if I cancel it?

Memberships can be cancelled at any time, however refunds for any payments taken can not be given. Please make sure you cancel before the next payment date.

Do I receive a certificate for the sessions or courses I attend?

Since the sessions offer bite size knowledge on the go, we do provide certificates of attendance (members only). Our members receive a certificate after completing a certain number of sessions, but please note that the certificates are not accredited. 

*The same thing applies for our courses as well.

Can I monitor my progress and how?

We are currently working on developing a learning path for members to monitor their progress and keep track of the skills they learn and what else would be useful for them depending on their end goal. 

We will update this when it is done, until then you can chat with us, do a personal track-of-skills list, or as a member you can use the one-on-one mentoring session with one of our co-founders for this purpose as well.

How do I sign up for sessions?

You can sign up for sessions via our website (Go to menu -> individuals -> sessions). You only need to answer a few questions and then book your seat right away. We currently use Eventbrite for ticketing purposes.

Example for session page:

Select the event you want to attend from our list of sessions  and check out the course description for information regarding: learning objectives, expert and schedule.  You can choose to buy a ticket for this session only or you can get your own Uhubs membership and enjoy a 60% discount for all monthly sessions, plus extra perks!

After selecting the number of seats, press checkout. Note that if you have a promo code you can add it by pressing on the link at the top right side of the page (above Uhubs Seat). 

Enter your contact details and if you have any questions for the expert you can add them in there and we will forward them for you so that you get your answers during the session. At the end, press PLace Order and you are Done! We are looking forward to seeing you!

As a member, do I get a seat reserved for each session?

Since we try to keep our group sessions small for a better learning environment, we request our members to announce which sessions they want to attend. 

We send a calendar invite for each session to our members and we are keen on having them reply yes/no accordingly. This is also helpful in filling the attendee list we send to the campus reception where the session takes place.

What happens if I don’t attend a session that I have previously reserved?

We kindly ask attendees and also members to let us know beforehand so that we can give the seat to other people that want to attend. But if it was a last minute call and couldn’t make it nor announce, it is still possible to attend the session the next time we will run it. 

We are currently working on creating a platform with recordings of all our sessions which members can access if they have missed a session or they want to review past ones. 

What if the session/course I want is fully booked?

If it is possible we will try to accommodate you if you contact us directly at hello@uhubs.co.uk , but we cannot make any promises. We want attendees to get the best out of our sessions and having a smaller group allows more people to interact and ask questions. 

If you really find the session/course interesting, let us know and we will try to run the session again. 

If I sign up for a session/course but I change my mind, can I cancel and get a refund?

In most cases courses will require a small non-refundable deposit to secure a seat.

In the case of individual Uhubs session you will need to give us 3 days notice for cancelled tickets.

If I bring someone with me, do I get a discount for the session?

For now we only give the option of bringing a plus one/session to our members.

What is the Uhubs community platform?

The Uhubs community platform is our online gathering place where you can interact with fellow Uhubs members and attendees, ask questions to experts and share your knowledge and passions with the rest of the tribe.

If you are working on some projects and you need help we are there for support and you can get inspiring ideas and talents from all over the world.

Can I meet the experts?

Since our experts are live streaming from all over the world, you can ask questions and talk with the expert during and after the session. At the end, the expert will provide contact details if you have any further questions, as well,  or you can continue your learning on the Uhubs community platform.

We also have occasional get togethers for members and experts where you have the opportunity to engage with all of the Uhubs community. 

Can I contact experts after the sessions for further questions?

The experts will provide his contact details and you can contact them if you have any further questions or need any advice on the topic. 

About Uhubs Business sessions

All business client Uhubs sessions  are held on site and customised to meet business needs.

Since no business is the same, so are our Uhubs sessions! Every session is unique and the services we provide to companies differ.  For that, please contact us to discuss how we can help your business in a way that is tailored for you. 


6 full weeks
First 15 members per cohort
Applications close May 15th

An Amazing 6 weeks awaits you

Join lifelong learning professionals and founders to discover and learn new skills from world experts. Get access to top mentors with one to one sessions.

Apply now!

6 full weeks
First 15 members per cohort
Applications close May 15th

An Amazing 6 weeks awaits you

Join lifelong learning professionals and founders to discover and learn new skills from world experts. Get access to top mentors with one to one sessions.

Apply now!