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Grow your revenue with Development Intelligence

This is where Sales Leaders grow revenue by developing selected skills & knowledge for each rep to close more deals.

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4.6 of out 5

4.6 of out 5

Visualise your team's skillset

The A-players in your team are built differently. See what sets them apart.

The Uhubs Pulse takes insights from across your company to build a complete picture of your sales team so know where you can add the most value as a manager.

The right skills, at the right time

Your team have diverse development needs and you do not have the time to build custom plans for each of them.

Uhubs uses insights generated from the Pulse to recommend the right development path for each rep and provide insights for your next 1:1.

Understand, develop, measure, repeat

The annual performance review is broken. Period.

With Uhubs, development is continuous. Reps receive targeted insights and support based on their profile. The Pulse tracks competencies over time to signal where the highest enablement ROI can be found.

Trusted by these sales powerhouses

It's time to grow

Accelerate your revenue growth

It's an impossible job – driving your pipeline, overseeing the big deals, ramping up the team, building your sales culture AND trying to create predictability.

We will give you a true, benchmarked, picture of your teams performance with the Sales Performance Growth, reduce team ramp-up time and identify what sets your best people above the rest.

"Uhubs helps sales managers coach by identifying the gaps where reps need support, shows motivation levels and helps them understand how the team is feeling at any particular point."

Anup Khera
Chief Revenue Officer

Make the right decisions to unlock your people

So much of the Sales Enablement space focuses on your processes, tooling or playbook. It's time to sharpen the axe and let your people take centre stage.

Uhubs will accelerate the growth of your company, reduce the cost of onboarding new joiners and scale as you grow, whilst providing you with data and insights throughout.

"We are looking at skills for growth. The skills we had to get us here aren’t necessarily the ones to get us to the next level."

Jo-Anne Illman
Chief HR Officer

Realise your people vision

Putting out fires is exhausting. You're hiring more people next month than you did in the last three, quarterly reviews are just around the corner, and you're constructing a cultural revolution, all over Zoom.

Uhubs is a scalable, personalised and modular solution that will integrate into your bigger picture. We will save your time whilst inspiring and upskilling your team, strengthening your EVP and giving you rich development insights.

"Uhubs has added a new dynamic to our development tools, and really opened our eyes to how impactful, live, remote learning can be"

Pippa Hawker–Bond
Head of Talent UK & Ireland
Harvey Nash Group

Make each deal more likely to close than the last

In sales, every minute counts. If you are spending time away from the phone, it better be for something good.

We hear you. That's why all Uhubs sessions are high-impact and time-effective. You will be inspired by B2B sales leaders from the brands you respect. Plus, you will understand the strengths and weaknesses of yours and your juniors' sales skillsets to increase your close rate and reduce their ramp time.

"An engaging learning experience, [with] an expert to help you. It saved me time on solving business critical problems. It helped me to grow, try new ideas and get feedback."

Ash Mahmud
Salesforce Specialist

Climb the ladder faster than the pack

You know you can close some solid deals – if only they gave you more opportunities to show them. It's hard to get the face-time and stand out in this remote world.

Well, here is your opportunity. Your opportunity to develop, to grow and to show what you're capable of. Join a bustling community of sales reps, grow and get accreditations against your name – the sky's the limit.

"Uhubs allowed me to better understand the status quo, answered my questions, and gave many thoughts, that so far had only been intuitive, a proper background."

Niklas Leck
Marketing rep turned Founder

Meet the Product

See how much quicker you could hit your targets

Boom – it's great to have you onboard.
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