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See the bigger picture with the Sales Performance Pulse

Sales is frantic and it's so easy to get stuck with target tunnel vision. The Pulse gives you the opportunity to zoom-out as a team and understand which areas of the sales skill-set are strong and which could do with some TLC.

  1. See where your team are thriving and struggling
  2. Identify the skills that will close more deals
  3. Get insights into performance beyond KPIs
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Accelerate your teams development with Sprints

Elite sports teams do not train a few days a year, and neither should yours. Sprints rapidly upskill your team with regular and engaging sessions that focus on delivering the most value, in the shortest amount of time.

  1. No-nonsense development that gets to the point
  2. Rapid session-to-value turnaround
  3. Taught by SaaS industry leaders
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Inspire and motivate your team with Masterclasses

Modern-day team members demand two things. (1) Great snacks, and (2) growth opportunities.
Masterclasses will give them the latter with sessions covering topics from resilience to remote selling, leadership to lead generation.

  1. Hear stories from the trenches from the brands you love
  2. Develop with your peers in community-driven sessions
  3. Create your own growth path
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See the bigger picture, accelerate development and inspire your team with Uhubs

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