See the bigger picture with the Sales Performance Pulse

Unlock the insights that will drive your team's performance 💡

See where your team are thriving and struggling

In a world of remote sales, it's harder than ever before to keep tabs on where each of your team members are excelling and where they want support.

The Pulse focuses on core sales skills, like Prospecting and Negotiation, and softer areas like Internal Culture and Motivation to identify the areas that will move your needle the most.

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Identify the skills that will close more deals

This is your team's opportunity to zoom-out from the crazy day-to-day and assess what is holding you back from smashing your targets.

By collecting data from reps, managers and sales leaders, you can be as data-driven with your people as you are with your pipeline.

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Get insights into performance beyond KPIs

Consistently closing deals is only the tip of the iceberg for a being world-class sales team.

Start the conversation and uncover how you can empower your people to grow taller with the Pulse.

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Audit your skills, discover growth opportunities and develop your team with the Sales Performance Pulse

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