A membership with Uhubs brings an array of benefits, from joining a select community to up-skilling and increasing your chances of career progression. Here are the top ways you could benefit from a monthly or yearly Uhubs membership.

Monthly Uhubs Membership

£79.99 p/m

Enjoy a FREE Uhubs taster session before signing up
Unlimited access to monthly sessions
Full access to our community members area with all the perks
Bring a plus one to any of the sessions for free!
Book a One to One Mentoring Session with an Expert
3 Month WorkClub Membership giving you access to all their spaces
VIP Tickets to Networking and Startup events around London
No strings attached - you can cancel the trial at any time
Join as a Monthly Member

Gain access to the best content from top professionals around the world

Network with like-minded infinite learners who want to expand their personal networks.

Enjoy access to flexible peer-to-peer learning at a number of mini campuses across London

Specialist mentoring programmes; broaden your horizons and boost your chances of professional success