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Connect With Top Sales Leaders at Our Sales Summit

3 min read

Can you afford to miss it?

Tomorrow's sales performance summit will be 100% live, interactive, and dynamic (as well as free!) - with networking & Q&A sessions, as well as a DJ set accompanying sharing of expert sales knowledge - and will build on the findings from our Remote Sales Performance Whitepaper.  

Sales Leaders from Salesforce, G2, SalesLoft, MNI, Smarp, Qatalog, Crowdcube, Ebsta, and ACS will all be in attendance. 

To reward attendees, we will be giving away two copies of Uhubs co-founder Ash Ali’s award-winning book The Unfair Advantage for the best questions asked of sales leaders. We will also be dropping other freebies on the day - attend the event to find out more. 

We’d also note that the summit is completely free, drop in whenever you feel. Even 15 minutes will be enough to get that burning question you've been asking answered so you can take the next step toward sales expertise.

Less than 24 hours to go. Register for the summit right now! It's 100% free.

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