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75 percent of the global workplace will be Millennials and Generation Z

4 min read

The world is changing fast, each generation its more different than the previous one, with different believing, goals and needs. And they are going to start co-living at the working place. How to unify this bunch of different people needs in the working place is going to become a challenge for a lot of companies.

A generational shift is happening in front of our eyes 🚨

By 2025, 75 percent of the global workplace will be Millennials and Generation Z (Deloitte).

A recruitment client told me last year that the number 1 question they get asked by graduates is "what training and development does the employer offer?".

The past 12 months I've worked with dozens of Leaders who are trying to figure out how to provide the development and growth that their employees demand.

These leaders are often (not always) from the 'Boomer' generation and have a hard time adjusting to the needs of this new generation.

They are often sceptical of old school training.

Personal development plans are seen as an annual chore carried out for HR.

One size fits all development programs have historically been a 'nice to have' or a 'waste of fucking money' as a client recently told me.

However, the organisations we have been most impressed by have placed growth and development at the heart of their strategy.

One thing is becoming clear: No matter what salaries you pay, you will not attract, retain or get the best out of your people without providing them a clear path towards growth and development.


Written by:

Matt Milligan

Published on:

February 18, 2021

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