A Generation Of Business Athletes

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The mindset enables people to perform at a higher level more consistently.

I recently attended a Kairos catch up with US investor and entrepreneur James Beshara. One point he made really resonated with me:

“Business is 10-15 years behind Sports when it comes to performance psychology.”

In our county golf team we had a sports psychologist work with us from ages 14-18 on practical frameworks that we could use to give us an edge when competing in tournaments.

Looking back, the players I grew up with that made it as Pros on tour were not those who had the best swings or the most ‘talent’. They were the ones who stayed calm under pressure and could step up when it mattered.

Their mindset enabled them to perform at a higher level more consistently through the season.

When it comes to business, in my experience mindset and psychology are rarely worked on within organisations.

Worse still, a lot businesses seem to still look at the number of hours employees spend upskilling rather than focusing on things that can move the needle on performance.

How can we build a generation of high performing ‘business athletes’

Written by:

Matt Milligan

Published on:

September 3, 2020

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