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Alone is hard. Together is much better

4 min read

Ash Ali shares his insights and learnings from a "different" year as it was 2020. What motivated you? How to get out of the monotony in a world that has changed? How to get new perspectives and continue learning?

Alone is hard. Together is much better.

2020 has been challenging for many.

I kick start my first post this year on my birthday, with sharing insights from having delivered hundreds of LIVE masterclasses.

My Top 7 Insights:

1. Together is better – Learning in small groups with a community on the same journey is supportive, creates accountability & progress

2. Sales teams are busy & want to spend time on learning which gives HIGH IMPACT in the shortest amount of time – Not 8-week long courses or hours of recorded content!

3. Mixed group of learners from various industries, backgrounds & geographic locations helps gain new perspectives

4. People want to learn practical tips & skills they can APPLY immediately to perform better

5. Our learners turn up to improve, not just prove - L&D reports should go beyond basic learner usage patterns

6. The most impactful masterclasses were those where experts shared personal stories.

7. Personal stories like someone who was about to commit suicide and turned his life around to an ex-FBI agent who had to save someone from jumping when he had nothing to offer in one of our top masterclasses on negotiating.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our open public masterclasses.


Written by:

Ash Ali

Published on:

January 5, 2021

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