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Business is far more than closing deals and exchanging value

4 min read

We spend half of our lives at work. Trying to sell something to someone. As our jobs are part of our lives, shouldn´t we find a most meaningful way to work and sell?

Yesterday I was chatting with a prospect about learnings we had from working with one of my mentors (the mentor introduced us).

What stuck out for us both was how this particular mentor does business with people.

For him, business is far more than closing deals and exchanging value.

He gets to know his business contacts on a personal level - everything from their family life, to which sport team they support.

He has them stay at his house when they visit Cape Town (he’s let me stay a few times too - the parties can be wild).

As Salespeople and Founders, at times we are all guilty of being a bit transactional. Only thinking about hitting our number each month.

Yet some of the most fulfilling moments of my career so far have been the relationships with colleagues, investors and clients that are being built on the journey.

Not to mention the other benefits (like referrals and honest feedback) that come with these deeper relationships.

What tips do you have for growing long-term relationships in business?

Written by:

Matt Milligan

Published on:

February 12, 2021

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