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Customer Story: Smarp

6 min read

“Uhubs really helps sales teams with regards to coaching by identifying the gaps where reps need help which is more difficult to do remotely, but it also helps you understand how motivated and how people are feeling at any particular point as well which is important.”

Who is Smarp?

Smarp is an employee communications and advocacy platform that helps enterprise businesses communicate effectively with their entire workforce, corporate and frontline. Through Smarp, businesses can create, aggregate, and automatically deliver personalized content to every employee while empowering them to amplify select messages externally.

Smarp is an exciting place to work right now because they are on a journey to become the number one choice in their category and are scaling globally.

Challenge: stretched Managers, ambitious revenue numbers and a need for continuous improvement 

Smarp’s Chief Revenue Officer Anup Khera joined Smarp in 2019 following a Series A raise and was brought in to take the revenue engine to the next level and continue growth into the enterprise market.

By the time Uhubs and Smarp began working together in 2021, Anup had established a new look playbook, integrated Salesforce from the ground up, rebuilt the team and set an ambitious strategy: “Believe, Achieve and Scale”.

As the Smarp team entered the Scale phase of their growth strategy there were three key outcomes Anup wanted to achieve:

  1. Ensure continuous improvement of the team through the year
  2. Support Managers and save them admin time across the coaching process
  3. Measure the impact of training and enablement and optimise it throughout the year 

Smarp partnered with Uhubs because of the unique insights Performance Intelligence can provide not just in core competencies but in softer areas like mindset and motivation. In 2021 it became apparent that remote sales was here to stay and Uhubs is able to shine a light on blindspots that have become harder to reveal remotely.

The Managers at Smarp had implemented a competency and measurement framework using an excel copy of the framework and survey monkey. The process was manual and reliant on manager time that could be better spent on coaching and high value activities. Expecting reps to shadow Managers and manually record development focus areas to have a record of progress was not scalable.

Solution: Personalised enablement and measurable ROI

Within minutes the Managers were set up with their own dashboards to highlight blindspots across their team and reps began receiving tailored coaching and content recommendations weekly to plug the gaps.

Managers have been equipped with data-driven coaching suggestions to improve the effectiveness of 1:1s and eliminate admin time in the coaching process.

As for engagement, Uhubs remains an ‘invisible hand’ to reps, providing them with the right recommendations at the right time based on their unique skillset.

Results: Smarp smash their Q1 target

Reps have a clear understanding of what good looks like and the precise areas they need to develop in order to improve their performance. These improvements in different competency areas are measured over time, providing leadership with valuable data to understand the ROI on enablement spend.

All of these benefits have been developed with low lift, minimal onboarding and no integration required. 
The Smarp team has recently smashed their revenue targets and are now hiring new talent to join the team.

Written by:

Richard Lowe

Published on:

November 1, 2021

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