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Customer Story: Infinity

5 min read

How Uhubs helped Infinity increase rep effectiveness, confidence and development.

Who are Infinity? 

Infinity is the leading call intelligence company that shines a light on the many truths contained within each phone conversation you have with your callers. Infinity provides smarter attribution, strategic agility, and helps train phone agents faster.

Matthew Whiteway joined Infinity as Chief Commercial Officer last year, at the beginning of the pandemic. It was immediately clear that the team at Infinity needed to reshape how they sold amidst the new normal of remote work. 

Challenges: Rapidly scaling a new sales team

Matthew’s biggest challenge as a new leader was that he was responsible for quickly and efficiently developing a growing sales team. This meant:  

  1. Upskilling reps in remote selling techniques to improve reps’ effectiveness.
  2. Increasing confidence in remote selling. 
  3. Establishing a consistent and scalable approach to developing reps.
“Of the thousands of people recruited into roles each year in the UK it is baffling that there is no formal recognition of sales across universities or more formalised training options. “ - Matthey Whiteway, CCO

In a situation like this, you need a helping hand. After an exhaustive search, Uhubs’ unique combination of expert-led sessions, scalable content and performance intelligence tech made the most sense. 

Solutions: scalable coaching recommendations and live expert-led sessions

The partnership kicked off with a Sensemaking Sprint led by Uhubs Experts Lawrence Wayne and Cliff Simon. At the same time, reps were onboarded to the Uhubs Pulse tool to better understand their own skill competencies and gaps. 

These competencies have since been tracked continuously through the year and the qualitative data has been used to recommend personalised content and coaching recommendations to help close any gaps.

“Uhubs was one of my first touchpoints as part of my onboarding journey. Six months in and I'm on 149% of target this quarter. I'm absolutely loving Uhubs, really finding it impactful, insightful and useful!” - Alex Shrimpton, Account Executive

In addition, Uhubs has made an Expert available on a quarterly basis to run group coaching ‘refresher’ sessions to reinforce the methodology and learnings from each session. 

Outcomes: Clear development paths for every rep, leading to increased tenure of salespeople in a hot jobs market

Since rolling out Uhubs in January 2021, Infinity have grown the size of their sales team by 83%. Matt has implemented clear development paths for every rep, leading to a huge increase in salespeople’s tenure. 

During this year of hyper-growth, Infinity has remarkably improved the tenure of sales reps by an incredible 4 months. This speaks volumes to both the team culture Matthew has built and the power of investing in the development of your team.

If you’re after smarter attribution, strategic agility, and training phone agents faster, find out more about Infinity here.

Written by:

Richard Lowe

Published on:

October 9, 2021