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Head of Sales Clemenet Auffan on how Uhubs has benefitted Pace.

Who are Pace ?

Pace is a Revenue Platform centered around the hospitality industry, that provides industry-leading decision intelligence, innovative business intelligence and a suite of intuitive management tools. 

Due to the constrictions on time and budget common to most tech startups and businesses, enhancing the content available for new hires and making the sales coaching process more time-efficient are key issues for Pace to solve. 

“I want to hire graduates, like the first call for the guests. They only think about the first job. They aren’t thinking long-term yet. The main problem is that we pay below market. Of course it's difficult to compete.” - Clement Auffan, Head of Sales

Three key challenges for Pace:

  1. Enhance the onboarding process and speeding up ramp times
  2. Making Pace a competitive employer as they aren’t able to pay below a market rate, so making Pace an attractive employer for career/development-minded salespeople is a must. 
  3. Making coaching a more efficient process for senior salespeople via Expert-led Uhubs content. 

Primarily, Pace partnered with Uhubs to help reach agreement between the sales team on what kind of sales characteristics salespeople were confident in, and where their weaknesses lay. Having somewhere to go for digital sales content to help salespeople take in new techniques and ideas was also a factor. 

“Some people will identify some weaknesses and I might see some others. we could agree on that and decide together on where we want to address the coaching for the, for the future weeks and months.” - Clement Auffan, Head of Sales

Solutions:Content-focused learning and onboarding

Salespeople being able to access digital, expert-led content frees up busy sales coaches to focus on everything else. Clement implemented a system in which salespeople made notes on Uhubs digital content (from the video library), and presented it to the rest of the team whenever they’d spent time learning from it.

“It's super important for me to make sure that when salespeople have a question, they can go and listen to someone who's an expert of this domain and learn from them.” - Clement Auffan, Head of Sales

Uhubs content has been key to the onboarding process, with Uhubs digital content linked into the playbook, to familiarise new hires with key concepts and skills and reinforce their learning. The Pulse has also helped Pace to address skills gaps within the team more efficiently, and allowed Clement to develop strategies and timeframes within which to deal with them. 

Outcomes: Faster rep development and higher ramp times

“The Pulse helps salespeople to develop faster, with a more proactive mindset.” - Clement Auffan, Head of Sales

Since a very smooth onboarding with Uhubs (the pulse platform was all set up in a matter of days) in May - just before July and August, a period in which Pace often see a slump in sales - salespeople who have been engaging with Uhubs content have been successfully ramped, hitting 80% of their quota in record times. 

Find out more about Pace here.

Written by:

Richard Lowe

Published on:

September 30, 2021

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