E-learning isn't working

If you’re like most business leaders, this period has probably given you some time to reflect on how to support your employees development. Unfortunately, that means many of us are evaluating our current learning and development solutions and wondering why employee engagement remains low.

Something doesn’t seem right - you’ve invested in licenses for an online content library that offers podcasts, articles and videos on every topic imaginable yet your employees are neither engaged nor inspired.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

The average company is spending $1,299 a year per learner

Many businesses have opted for a ‘one size fits all’ content library, however, engagement remains low with course completion rates averaging 2%. Whilst employees might dip their toe in, they are often overwhelmed and rarely find the information they need.

This is especially true for remote teams, who have little incentive to wade through content to find the answers to their questions. In our experience, Millennial and Gen Z workers do not want to spend more than 90 minutes at a time developing their skill set during the working day. This is where learning in the flow and being able to have your questions answered is so important.

Since lockdown we have been closely monitoring feedback from our employee learner users. Data indicates that what employees want now are inspiring and relevant growth opportunities and to be nurtured along the way. To give a flavour for what is possible we are pleased to be opening up public live Uhubs Masterclasses at no cost (thanks to our Sponsors - feel free to share with your team and colleagues.

If you would like to chat to me or the Uhubs team during this time we are always here to help you innovate.

Stay healthy!

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