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Five takeaways from our Podcast with Startup Hypeman Rajiv Nathan

5 min read

Rajiv Nathan is a storyteller. From his Quepasa method, to his innovative approach to sales narratives, Raj’s narrative-driven approach to the outbound sales process has made itself invaluable to a number of B2B sales businesses.

Our co-founder Matt was lucky enough to sit down with the startup hypeman himself for the latest episode of our sales enablement podcast, to talk the importance of here are 5 takeaways from this episode: 

Sales training is important.  

Whilst interpersonal skills are key to SaaS success, being trained in the sales process and receiving sales coaching is just as important. What bothered Raj about his first job was the lack of training. He was great at talking to clients, but struggled with the process. He went to leadership and asked for training, but didn’t get anything because they couldn’t afford it. But at the same time, they wanted him to keep selling. 

Everyone should have a voice in their company. 

Whilst he left pretty soon after, it solidified his belief that communication is important - everyone should have a voice. It’s important for everyone to have a voice and have it seen and heard by the market. This informs Raj’s wider outlook on life - the causes he cares about and the activism he does. 

Entrepreneurship will help you thrive as a salesperson  

Entrepreneurship was how Raj thrived, having to sell your own products can be so productive. Raj’s product is helping salespeople pitch to companies - whether it’s the deck, the right democall structure, or pitching to investors. Raj figured this out through having to sell his own product, and grew from there. 

The QUEPASA system 

When figuring out a B2B sales pitch - the starting point is figuring out the elevator speech. Raj has come up with the QUEPASA system for delivering an elevator pitch (Problem, approach, solution, action), how do we take this and modify it to prospecting? Build prospecting around that elevator pitch. 

Raj has also created a pitch guide for the quepasa system too - find it here

Harness the power of video in your outbound marketing

Raj’s advice is to be creative with your outbound video - as long as what you have to say is interesting, people will watch. For instance, he created a remix of Fresh Prince centered around SaaS (see above). It was effective because it was engaging and unique content, it got 20k views in a few months, and garnered a ton of leads, whilst pitching precisely the services Raj offers. 

Written by:

Richard Lowe

Published on:

April 30, 2021

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