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How important is positioning in business and sales?

3 min read

Effective positioning makes prospects want to know more.

How important is positioning in business and sales?

An experiment was run in the US with World renowned violinist Joshua Bell 🎻

Joshua regularly sells out concert halls for $300 a ticket 🤯

Except for this study he stood and played on a street corner in Washington and busked for a morning to commuters.


1,097 people walked past.

Only 27 gave him money.

Just 7 stopped to listen to him.

One person interviewed afterwards even considered asking him to stop playing as it was too loud!

Instead of $300 a ticket, he made just $52.17 the entire morning.

$20 of that was from the one person who did recognise him.

It goes to show that even the best violinist in the world cannot be sold or appreciated given the wrong context!

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