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How Premier League football teams approach high performance.

3 min read

Business and Football: Same game with same principles

Last weekend I watched Jose Mourinho Spurs side put on a tactical masterclass to beat City.

It got me thinking about how Premier League football teams approach high performance.

Teams train several times a week and when they aren’t on the training ground they are in the gym or the pool working on their fitness.

There’s a lot of talk from Business Leaders claiming they invest in continuous training and development.

The reality i’ve experienced is that most of us go through a boring onboarding process and are then left to figure the rest out on the job.

New Managers are rarely given coaching on how to lead a team and sporadic one-off training sessions do no make employees feel invested in.

Imagine if Jose Mourinho trained his side once every few months and then left his team to ‘figure it out on the pitch’.

Would his side still be top of the league?

Written by:

Matt Milligan

Published on:

November 17, 2020

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