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I love competition.

3 min read

The comparisons are odious, "Challenge yourself, and don´t look at what someone else is doing" they say. But the truth is that there is something in the competition that makes you feel butterflies in your stomach and make you set up bigger goals than you wouldn´t set up just challenging yourself. You are doing well, but does it matter if someone else is doing it much better?

I love competition.

The buzz you get from going up against others and trying to win is a thrill.

One of the few moments i remember excelling at school was when it became a competition.

Mr Norris my GCSE maths teacher would test us each month and put a public league table up on the wall with everyone’s scores.

Overnight maths became my top subject.

I miss the excitement of competing at sport.

Competition can be a powerful motivator in business too.

After all isn’t business and sales a game that we are playing to win?

Written by:

Matt Milligan

Published on:

February 10, 2021

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