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I said yes...

2 min read

It is the moment to say yes

When I was in my 20s I said yes to most things in my career.

I said YES to freelance work, even if I had to learn on the job and miss going out with mates.-

I said YES to moving to a new town or city to advance my career, even though I had no connections there.

I said YES to more projects at work so I could travel and meet new people in the company, even when it didn't pay more.

I said YES to side gigs making websites and doing SEO, even when I was underpaid.

said YES to doing free workshops to help people learn marketing skills.

I said YES to the founder of Just Eat when he approached me to become the marketing director and grow a department from scratch.

I said YES to my literary agent to go for a publishing deal even though we wanted to self-publish our book that day.

I look back and realise that this is one way to increase your luck.

Just by saying YES more often

Written by:

Ash Ali

Published on:

August 24, 2020

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