I Wonder Who I Did Business With.

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Relationships first, not hard sales.

I purposely hung up on a video call yesterday.

I was the potential client. The company had badgered me to make the discovery call on time. However, he turned up late. He proceeded to tell me how he mainly talks to Americans rather than locals in UK. No video just voice. Why organise a video call then?

10 mins in, I asked him for some example case studies, or live clients they have worked with. He pointed me to all the video testimonials they collected and wouldn’t give me a website they had worked on. I found it strange. I told him I just needed a URL to check it out and his response: “you can google it yourself once you’ve watched the video testimonials…”

I was like ‘Are you serious?’. His response ‘We don’t like clients like you, in the last 5 mins it seems you’re…..’

He didn’t finish his sentence, as I’d decided I’d heard enough. I’d hung up.

A few days later, I have another phone call, this time with another company. This gentleman listened to me, shared examples of other similar clients and how they were doing things. Acknowledged the challenges and later that day also sent me webinar recording of something specifically he thought would help me.

I wonder who I did business with.

Relationships first, not hard sales.

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