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Improving your Outbound Sales with James Newall of Clear Sales Message

5 min read

Episode 31 of The SaaS Sales Performance Podcast saw James talk about how to improve your outbound sales.

In this episode, we cover..

  1. The importance of having clarity of message.
  2. Why (and how) to personalise your out-bound messaging.
  3. The hugely underestimated importance of ‘emotional contagion

Key insights from this conversation.

Having an extremely clear message is absolutely crucial.

All too often, we’re not clear enough to close deals. And it’s a detail that’s often overlooked. If somebody doesn’t understand what you’re providing, they are unable to engage meaningfully with you.

Authenticity improves your chances of closing deals.

Even though selling is a skill, you still have to be yourself. You still have to be genuine. If you find yourself saying things to move things forward, but it’s contrived, you’re much less likely to close deals in the long run

Managing the energy exchange during sales calls requires emotional intelligence.

Having emotional intelligence - understanding the energy exchange that goes on - is hugely important. If I start to talk about something I don’t understand, lose my train of thought, or flat out lie to you - you will feel it. And I’ll lose you.
Written by:

Published on:

October 25, 2021

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