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Make the most of reading business books

3 min read

– Fran Lebowitz said “Think before you speak. Read before you think.” Some tips to get the most of your reading.

What’s the point of reading anything?

Here I’ve developed a quick framework called RAAT - to make the most out of non-fiction book/article reading.

Read, Apply, Argue, Teach

1. Read - pick up the right books in the first place and read often - use summaries and recommendations to see if they are worth your time. Sometimes you can pick up some good book suggestions from footnotes or the bibliography of other great books.

2. Apply- take action with what you've learned from your highlights & notes (you do make them right?) and start creating the connections in your brain to real-world issues.

3. Argue- more like have an intelligent debate about your results with a mentor or team - how did it go? What can you learn?

4. Teach- Now share with others so you learn it twice with the clarity and nuances you’ve picked up whilst applying the lessons.


Written by:

Ash Ali

Published on:

February 19, 2021

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