My Parents Are Happy, At Least I Got a Degree

I sat and overheard some new graduate friends grabbing a bite at my favorite Thai food spot in Kilburn.

As they were all speaking one shouted:

...We got good unique degree´s from a top university, yet here we still are unemployed...

Another said... I mean I did read the employment outcomes statistics on the university website before joining and it was fairly high...but then that could be someone getting a job as a barista in Starbucks, right?

Another recent graduate told me she has applied to hundreds of jobs, with no luck securing anything yet, oh well at least my parents are happy I got a degree.

Will this be the generation which finally realises a degree itself no longer brings golden handshakes and people fighting for their attention.

Finally, COVID is the last straw on the camels back which will break and bring a new dawn for Higher Education and employment outcomes.

Will this be the generation who when they have kids, finally advise against doing a degree?

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