Optimising Your Productivity for Sales Success

5 min read

Part of leading a great sales team is time-management - here are some hacks from Uhubs Co-founder Matt Milligan.

Optimising your time and productivity is a superpower for any founder, Manager or IC, and something I’m trying to get better at. 

Here are some things that work for me: 


Write down 3 things each morning - outside of meetings - that you will accomplish each day. 

Keep it clean 

Snooze emails in your inbox that are not urgent and keep important emails down in your inbox.

Avoid email

This is the hardest one to do, but it can be so effective. I carve out 2-3 slots per day for email and turn email notifications off for the rest of the day.

Colour co-ordinate 

I used to be sceptical of this but it works. In my planner, revenue generating tasks are green (DISCOs, demos, client calls), activities that support revenue are yellow (writing proposals, following up with prospects), fundraising is red, hiring is orange and the rest is blue. I can tell how productive my week has been purely by how much green vs blue is in my diary.

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