Performance & Development

Something I realised early in my life.

Learning alone does not = Performance

So when it comes to L&D in organisations, what they really want is a significant improvement in performance outcomes. In other words, an ROI.

Coming into it fresh and new means I’m looking at it differently.

My thinking right now:

– Be more startup-like in our approach to upskilling faster. Think in a more Agile way for employee needs.

– Move away from boring classroom/academia style non-practical training where we have to then try and get people to work out how to apply what they’ve just learned.

– Measure business outcomes by treating L&D in the same way that you treat the Marketing department

Maybe L&D should be renamed P&D—Performance & Development.

Am I missing the mark here? or is this a seriously exciting time for l&D getting more air time in board rooms and making a massive positive impact on people and organisations top-line growth.

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