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Sales Enablement Positioning with Giulio Magni of Mimecast

5 min read

Giulio Magni is a sales enablement veteran, and again, he’s been working in the disparate disciplines of sales enablement before it was even a defined term.

Having worked his way up through education, training, and IT specialisms, Giulio is currently director of sales enablement at Mimecast. 

As part of our 2021 Sales Enablement whitepaper, we sat down with Giulio to talk about best practice in sales enablement, here are three takeaways on positioning we came to. 

Establishing a Sales Enablement Charter is Essential 

To Giulio, before the establishment of the charter, sales enablement (even before sales enablement was a properly defined term), helped move on from what Giulio refers to as random acts of enablement, to a proper focus on what’s important. That focus draws on three elements; equip, empower and embed. 

Sales Enablement Should Report Directly to the CRO 

At Mimecast, sales enablement report directly to the CRO, not sales operations. This has helped sales enablement become a globalized function and not just focus on sales, allowing their focus to be wide-reaching across the go-to-market effort. 

Defining Sales Enablement Effectiveness can be Tough

As Giulio puts it, this can be a challenge because sales can be such a complex field. If there’s an uplift in quotes, retainment or effectiveness per rep;  Who's to say whether it was the enablement program that we just ran, or was it a new lead gen tool we've rolled out or a competitor shuts down and we absorb all their business, or a new feature gets released somewhere. There are so many factors. 

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