The live online learning revolution

Right now, many people are asking the question, “When will things return back to normal?”

This is the wrong question.

The reality is that many industries never will be the same again.

When an industry goes online, it doesn’t just become the offline version with online features bolted on. It actually becomes a new thing. When a company goes virtual, it doesn’t just use tools like Slack and Zoom more. Over time, the structure of the company fundamentally changes.

Online learning is 100xing overnight

For the first time ever, hundreds of millions of adults are learning online and homeschooling has become the norm. In other words, the online learning industry is 100x’ing overnight. This will have huge implications. In the US, already 26% of families with prospective college students are reconsidering their college choice.

The immediate shift to remote working has forced Business Leaders to adapt. Fully distributed teams and high numbers of furloughed staff are looking to employers to provide engaging, remote learning alternatives.

Over the past 12 months we’ve learned a lot about Millennial / Gen Z learning needs:

  • They don't want learning at work to take longer than 90 minutes at a time
  • They want to hear from inspiring Experts in the trenches who can share real world experiences (Uhubs Masterclass attendance is 93% on average - employees are getting 'Fear of Missing Out' on sessions)
  • They want to learn relevant skills that can be applied immediately (82% of Uhubs users in 2020 indicate they would immediately apply the skills they had learned) well as what Business Leaders are looking for:

  • They want to retain the best talent and engaging staff is a critical need (now more than ever)
  • They are craving useful data points that can inform their people strategy
  • They are seeking ways they can champion learning and demonstrate their investment in their people

“82% of our current users are applying the practical skills they learn straight away”

At Uhubs we are committed to helping Business Leaders support their people and communities during these times.

In recent weeks we have been supporting organisations in a range of industries engage their remote teams (furloughed or otherwise) with live masterclasses and remote 1:1 coaching.

If you would like to learn more feel free to get in touch - we are always here to help.

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