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Three Sales Enablement Foundations with Aaron Evans

5 min read

Aaron Evans lives and breathes sales enablement, and has been engrossed in the discipline since long before it was sales enablement.

Aaron started out in publishing sales, and has bringing his sales enablement mastery to everything from vast multinational corporations to tiny startups since his accreditation as a sales coach. 

As part of our whitepaper study on sales enablement, Aaron was good enough to sit down with Uhubs cofounder Matt Milligan for a chat. Here are three takeaways from their conversation, read the whitepaper for more.

The key elements of sales enablement 

Aaron’s experience as an early adopter has taught him a lot about the fundamentals of sales enablement. To Aaron, the key elements of sales enablement are: content, training, coaching and technology. 

The 12 pillars of sales enablement

Aaron’s also known for his 12 pillars of sales enablement, an idea that defines the sales enablement process as much as it defines the prerequisites. First is sales competency, then talent selection. Onboarding the talent - the KPIs, making sure they’re driving the right results, sales content, sales training and coaching, sales management mentorship (sales leaders need mentoring and coaching too!). Finally the qualifications, and product marketing. Everything needs to be funneled through sales enablement. 

Where sales enablement should sit in an organisation 

There needs to be a degree of impartiality in the sales enablement function to make sure that it can be completely objective. We look at something and say, “this is the improvement that's needed now in my experience”. Sales enablement needs to move higher up the organization because so many different departments are being funneled through sales enablement - it's almost a strategic function. 

Written by:

Richard Lowe

Published on:

June 28, 2021

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