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Three Sales Enablement Best Practices with Maria Bross of RockContent

5 min read

Maria Bross is a veteran salesperson and was an early adopter of the sales enablement discipline.

She is currently North-American Sales Manager at Rock Content, following an astronomical run at Boomtown as sales enablement manager. For our sales enablement whitepaper, we caught up with Maria to talk sales enablement best practice. Here are a few takeaways from the conversation, for the full interview, read our sales enablement whitepaper

The definition of sales enablement is very abstract 

Sales enablement is a difficult discipline to objectively define, but for Maria, sales enablement is all about enabling sales reps and empowering them with the tools, skills, coaching, the training needed to serve clients and prospects. 

The three elements of Enablement 

There are three elements to enablement. The first of the three elements are internal product knowledge. The second is how well the sales team understands the methodology being used to move prospects from point A to point B. The third is skills and skills gaps, fundamental sales skills help salespeople close deals and move through the funnel. 

The importance of Tribal Knowledge 

Being virtual and having a global sales team is really about documenting the tribal knowledge. One thing that you can do is try to document the tribal knowledge and really focus on the coaching in your one-on-ones. 

Written by:

Richard Lowe

Published on:

July 1, 2021

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