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Be Human, Be Relevant, Be Engaging

3 min read

What do learners want during this time?

We were recently invited to share our insights with hundreds of business leaders across the UK as part of the Festival of Enterprise COVID-19 Business Support series.

A summary of what our global community of employee learners want during this time (video highlights below):


  • Show you care deeply: our members expressed that they appreciated their employers being honest with them about the situation
  • Now is a great time to upskill: of those in the Uhubs community that have been furloughed, 92% plan to upskill during this time
  • Know your staff: not all persona types now have more time on their hands. Be sympathetic to different lifestyles


  • Push me in the right direction: 82% of Uhubs members find it hard navigating what to learn. Help them understand which skills are valued most within your organisation
  • Focus on what is important: Use data to align those learning recommendations to skills gaps


  • Inspire me: 79% of Uhubs members state they are more likely to engage in learning if they feel inspired by the person teaching them
  • The live factor: Being able to have your specific questions answered by an Expert makes learning in your organisation a 'not to be missed' spectacle

If you don't have time to read you can watch the highlights here:

Hopefully these insights spark an idea, or even help inform how you are supporting your own teams during these times.

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Published on:

March 26, 2020

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