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Top 5 insights for 2021 in B2B sales

3 min read

Insights from one of our Uhubs experts, Lawrance Wayne.

If you’re in B2B sales & marketing you’ll love these 5 top insights & highlights from Lawrence Wayne masterclass.

1. In the SaaS space, only 30 - 40% of clients will be considering you over a current competitor, the rest are blue ocean.

2. Sales as a linear pipeline is SUPPLIER centric, and not helpful for the BUYER. A better analogy is a MAZE, where it is the SUPPLIERS job to help the BUYER make the right turns.

3. Only 17% of the buyer’s journey is speaking to the supplier. You need to arm your primary contact with all the information and content they need for the other 83% of the time when they’re selling it internally.

4. Half of buyers are overwhelmed by the amount of trustworthy information they get – SENSEMAKING is more important than THOUGHT LEADERSHIP now.

5. You need to be a DJ, not a producer – assemble the ‘greatest hits’ of content and play to each listener what they like and will find useful, you don’t need to create a new song for every client.

Written by:

Ash Ali

Published on:

February 15, 2021

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