Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes

The real heroes get little recognition.

Let me tell you something personal about my heroes...

My parents.

First, they put up with me - their rebel child. The naughty one. The one who dropped out of college twice. They used to say to me: "Ash, why is it that when everyone's walking one way, you're walking the opposite?".

They also put up with me keeping their phone line engaged for hours and hours being connected to the internet back in the dial up internet days. I was in the attic coding my first website, an e-commerce site in the late nineties. They didn't understand what I was doing, but they put up with me nevertheless.

Their hearts are so compassionate, they've also fostered and cared for over 70 children from various difficult backgrounds. They even went on to adopt a severely autistic boy who came to them as a baby because he couldn’t find the right home or parents. This boy, my adopted brother, just turned 13.

Behind every child and adult who believes in themselves is somebody who believed in them first.

For many of us, that's our parents.

I dedicated my new book “The Unfair Advantage” to my parents.

We should celebrate our unsung heroes more often 🎉

Who has been an unsung hero in your life?

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