Winner of The Business Book of The Year Award 2021

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Congratulations to our Co-founder Ash on his win for "The Unfair Advantage".

We were thrilled to find out on May 21st 2021, that our co-founder Ash Ali - in partnership with expert storyteller Hasan Qubba - had won the award for Business Book of The Year 2021 for their book ‘The Unfair Advantage’

Catch the awards speech here: 

‘The Unfair Advantage’ was picked from a shortlist of over 250 books and was chosen over the course of an intensive six-month judging process. Here’s what head judge Alison Jones had to say on the book’s win: 

“The winner of this year's business book of the year award is a book that seems to promote our inner strengths, helps us to build clarity around our own capabilities, and provides a context for entrepreneurs to build clarity. It's a book about reflection, self-awareness and mindset. It helps the reader reframe their experience and take more confident steps on their journey.
It blends to different voices, different ages, different backgrounds, making the reader feel as if they're being guided by experts who speak powerfully as one, it provokes the reader to reframe perceive disadvantages into advantages. They have succeeded brilliantly. Its strength is its simplicity and its originality.” 

Not only has it been an astronomical win for Hasan and Ash, it’s about self-awareness. Uhubs is all about building self-awareness with our Pulse tool. What Alison and the other judges value so highly about this book is also what we put into practice every day at Uhubs - we’re all about helping people recognise, value, and channel their unfair advantages to succeed in the SaaS space. 

Both within our team, and with our customers, our commitment to learning is driven by our commitment to helping everyone do better, helping ourselves and others become the best we can be. 

Find out more about the Business Book Awards here.

Written by:

Richard Lowe

Published on:

May 27, 2021

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