Why Doesn´t School Teach...

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Why doesn't school teach the thing that people want to learn?

I spent 1.5 hrs driving to Birmingham with my daughter and we talked about businesses, company logo’s and her new favorite topic company shares.

As we passed the massive warehouse on the M1 for Amazon. I asked her to check it out on her shares app.

"Daddy, why does it say T next to the number in Market Cap for Amazon?"

I started with the logo, can you see the arrow, it goes from A to Z, what do you think they meant by that.

She smiled and said, “That they sell everything?!”

T stands for Trillion.

It was enjoyable to spend time with her learning from her questions and answering random ones too.

But what was most memorable to me was when we arrived at our destination.

She said...

“Daddy, can you make sure we go back to London together because that was the most fun things I learned in ages.....why doesn’t school teach me the things you talk about?”

and then she had to ruin it by ending with...

"But don't think your that clever daddy you didn’t get any Tesla shares…look at this graph!"

Written by:

Ash Ali

Published on:

September 2, 2020

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